Subaru Baja Truck Specs, Redesign and Price

The Subaru Baja Truck Concept could be one of the interesting concepts on some of this year’s car shows. The segment of mid-size trucks is in a great expansion all over the world, so it’s no wonder that many carmakers work on such kinds of vehicles. Subaru is not an exception.The renowned Japanese manufacturer had been producing this type of vehicle in the past. It was a compact pickup truck that used the same Baja name. However, its production didn’t last for long. The model hit the market in 2002 but retired already in 2006, due to slow sales. This time, we are about to see something little bit different. The company will take another try, but this Baja Truck Concept will feature a little bit different design solutions. It will be more oriented to comfort and driving experience than on utility.Subaru Baja Truck Specs, Redesign and Price

Subaru Baja Truck Specs, Redesign And Price

Subaru Baja Truck Concept design

When it comes to base design characteristics, the Subaru Baja Truck Concept will be a little bit different than most of the common mid-size truck. It looks like the Japanese manufacturer will go in the same direction as Honda and Kia. This means a unibody platform-based truck. This will mean a lot of compromise in terms of working capabilities, but a lot of benefits when it comes to comfort and overall driving experience.After all, Ridgeline is already very successful and received positive critics, despite lack of towing capacity. Still, some of the experts still claim that the Subaru Baja Truck Concept will come in a more traditional manner. There is a chance to see a body-on-frame chassis borrowed from Toyota, though such scenario looks like a too big challenge for Subaru at the moment. In any case, the styling should be the same.

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Subaru Baja Truck Concept styling

Despite all these rumors about the platform, the most interesting thing about Subaru Baja Truck Concept will definitely be its styling. Most likely, the new concept will go in the same direction as Viziv 7. This concept had a premiere two years ago at the LA Auto Show. The most interesting thing about this concept is a completely new styling, with plenty of sharp lines and futuristic details. We didn’t use on such approach from Subaru, which is known for rather conventional design philosophy.The new Subaru Baja Truck Concept will most likely feature similar styling of the front end, which would eventually become a new design language of the brand and which will characterize other future models from this manufacturer. Most likely, the new truck will come in some kind of a double-cab body style, though even bigger crew-cab dimensions are also possible.

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Subaru Baja Truck Concept engine

The engine for Subaru Baja Truck Concept is still unknown. This Japanese manufacturer has a lot of engines in its palette. Still, we presume that it would be some of the units that power the North American version of Legacy mid-size car. So, the choice will be on either four- or six-cylinder engine. In the first case, the new concept will feature a 2.5-liter inline-four unit. This unit has been updated recently and now outputs around 175 horsepower.On the other side, a 3.6-liter inline-six delivers far more power. Total output goes around 255 horses. When it comes to transmission, it could the current 5-speed automatic seems a little bit outdated, so out pick would be a six-speed manual or even CVT.Subaru Baja Truck Specs, Redesign and Price

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Subaru Baja Truck Concept premiere

The arrival of Subaru Baja Truck Concept is still uncertain. Still, many experts believe that the new concept could have a premiere at some of the major car shows later this year.

Subaru Baja Truck Specs, Redesign And Price

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