2021 Chevy El Camino Changes, Spesc and Release Date

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2021 Chevy El Camino Changes, Spesc and Release Date.This year will be very important for carmakers focusing on pickup segment- say the industry experts. GM which is atop player in this sector is planning to launch several new models. It is also going to launch spruced up editions of popular pickups from its stables- both under the GMC and Chevrolet brands. The 2021 Chevy El Camino pickup may also be launched through the details are fuzzy.Along with these, the company may also launch some models that were discontinued from market quite some time back- as per the industry buzz.2021 Chevy El Camino Changes, Spesc and Release Date

2021 Chevy El Camino Changes, Spesc And Release Date

Chevy El Camino history

The original Chevy El Camino was a Coupe utility pickup that was made by GM in two phases, first in- 1959-60 and later from 1964 to 1987. It was actually launched to take on the Ford Ranchero Pickup. Later the architecture was altered by GM. In fact, the first generation model was the forerunner of popular Chevy Camaro.

2021 Chevy El Camino Design

Not much is known about design styling of the 2021 Chevy El Camino. The truck may have some design elements used in the Chevy Silverado lineup of trucks. However, GM will also use fresh styling elements to make it stand out. A distinctive and large grille with Led headlamps will be probably there.You may expect plenty of chrome accents on body and grille may be chrome plated too. GM may use lightweight steel and aluminum to keep the truck lighter. It may get different sized alloy wheels and underbody skid plate too. Some color choices will be offered and a few trims may be made available for buyers too.The cabin of Chevy El Camino truck may be inspired by some of the popular models. However, it will be roomy and stylish. There will be customization choices for in-cabin storage and seating. Amenities will be aplenty and the infotainment setup will be modern.

Amenities and Safety

For 2021, GM has revamped the amenities and infotainment system in most of its vehicles- including the Silverado lineup. However, the 2021 Chevy El Camino will be probably launched with a new version of Mylink infotainment with a big touch screen unit. It will support GPS, Bluetooth and Smartphone OSes.Safety wise, the truck will be laden with top features like stability control and lane keep assist. Some safety features may be optional.

2021 Chevy El Camino Changes, Spesc And Release Date

2021 Chevy El Camino Engine

The engine in the upcoming 2021 Chevy El Camino truck is going to be a powerful one. Furthermore, the GM may actually use the existing powertrain of Chevy Silverado 1500 lineup and make some tweaks for better output.Since GM is now focusing on using hybrid and greener technologies in engines, a hybrid setup may also be in the truck. Towing capacity will be like with typical mid-range full sized trucks.2021 Chevy El Camino Changes, Spesc and Release Date

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2021 Chevy El Camino Price and Availability

The expected base price of 2021 Chevy El Camino truck can be near $35.000. The launch date is unknown.

Summing it up

The Chevy El Camino truck is at the stage of pure speculation. In case GM brings it back, proper powertrain and reasonable pricing will be prerequisite.