2022 Chevy El Camino: Electric Truck, Utility Coupe, SS, News

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2022 Chevy El Camino: Electric Truck, Utility Coupe, SS, News. More than thirty years later, rumors about the comeback are still there. Well, the El Camino truck gained the legendary status after nearly three decades in the market. These sporty pickups are not popular anymore and it seems impossible to see them again. Plus, reliable sources about the 2021 Chevy El Camino are not providing any details about the future truck, making the impression that nameplate is not coming back, not as a coupe-utility, SS model, or any other kind of a pickup.

2022 Chevy El Camino Interior

El Camino is not the only vehicle of its kind that is a topic of the comeback. Ford Ranchero is another pickup with similar characteristics that share the same destiny with Chevrolet’s model. Well, two companies are in a fight for a long time, in many segments. Still, both of them are in the same troubles, since we don’t see a room for the return.

On the other hand, there are a few hints. Fans still remember. Bringing back old nameplates is popular nowadays and 2021 Chevy El Camino would draw big attention for sure. Just take a look at the Bronco. It is definitely the most eagerly awaited model in the past two decades. We could see the same popularity for El Camino. We see no place for this truck at this moment.

No Future For Utility Coupe

SUVs and crossovers are dominating the market. Pickup trucks exist only thanks to their working ability. These machines are there to tow big loads that are out of reach for big SUVs. Even the legendary mid-size models struggled and Ford put the Ranger on break until last season. The versatility of SUVs is unmatched yet and this segment kills most other types of vehicles. Manufacturers are giving up on the sedans and hatchbacks. So, the class such as a couple of utility cars has no too many chances to succeed.

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2022 Chevy El Camino Concept

On the other hand, the 2021 Chevy El Camino would be a refresh for the automotive market. The whole situation with the COVID-19 outburst slows down things since the industry is taking a huge hit. So, even if the El Camino is planned for the next season, we now doubt it is possible to see something experimental.

Another option for Chevrolet is to play on the famous nameplate to lure more buyers. The company might use El Camino for some of the trim levels in the existing lineup. It is even possible to see it as some other type of vehicle, not a truck. Nevertheless, this outcome is not so easy to imagine. General Motors has three branches– Chevrolet, GMC, and premium Cadillac, and all of them are stuffed with all kinds of trucks, cars, and suvs.

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2022 Chevy El Camino Spy Photos

This is How Dream Truck Looks Like: 2021 Chevy El Camino SS

The SuperSport badge is not being used too much by General Motors. That is why the SS has a legendary icon. The performance vehicles are always interesting to US buyers. Currently, the only member of this lineup is Camaro pony car. Previously, we saw a few other vehicles being tuned with the unique package and El Camino was one of them. If the pickup comes back, we are pretty sure that SS will be part of the lineup, as it was since the third generation (1968) until the discontinuation.

There are several concept images on the internet, where the 2021 Chevy El Camino SS is shown as the muscle sporty truck based on Camaro. It doesn’t seem convincing, but renders are showing that fans are optimistic and ready for the comeback of the iconic pickup. We could pick the best options GM has to offer to boost the performance, but everything is still uncertain. The company is not responding to speculations and we can not find any clue.

No Comeback in 2021 … But What’s Next?

You will keep reading about the famous truck in 2022, 2023, and beyond. Fans won’t give up and theories will show up every time Chevrolet gives any hint which can be connected to El Camino. Still, everything is so disappointing for enthusiasts, since there is nothing beyond rumors. In the future, we will see hybrid and electric trucks, and that is where the 2021 Chevy El Camino could land.

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Also, the comeback of the pickup depends on the moves of Chevrolet’s rivals. Of course, Ford Ranchero is the main competitor. Rumors about the Blue Oval’s utility coupe are the same as for the El Camino. If any of these two appear, the other one will debut soon after it. We saw it with diesel half-ton trucks, where all three big US companies launched such engines at the same time.

The rivalry between Chevrolet and Ford is crazy and none manufacturer is leaving a piece of the market to its opponent. We hope that the big battle between 2021 Chevy El Camino and Ford Ranchero is about to be continued soon, at least as concepts.