2021 Great Wall Steed Engine, Powertrain and Release Date

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2021 Great Wall Steed Engine, Powertrain and Release Date.With the 2021 Great Wall Steed, you definitely won’t get some great refinement, but there are many things that could make this truck a perfect investment for you. Although we used on trucks from Japan and North America, this particular model has a long production history as well. Despite the fact that its worldwide expansion has begun in the current decade, this model is actually in production for a much more time.This company is the biggest producer of utility vehicles in China for many years and we know how huge this country is. With such experience, Chinese models are nowadays able to compete with much more renowned companies. Many think that affordable price is the only benefit of these models, but here is the 2021 Steed. This model comes to demand all those suspicious of a Chinese technology and quality.2021 Great Wall Steed Engine, Powertrain and Release Date

2021 Great Wall Steed Engine, Powertrain And Release Date

2021 Great Wall Steed design characteristics

The current version of this pickup truck is present for about four years. Latest modifications were done in 2014 when we saw the launch of the current-generation model. Although still pretty fresh, technology isn’t something that 2021 Great Wall Steed can boast with. Still, this truck is pretty good in many aspects. It comes with a solid chassis, which is ready for the hard task. According to the company’s specification, a max payload capacity goes to over 2000 pound. This sounds pretty amazing.On the other side, exterior look isn’t too much attractive, if we compare it with other trucks in the class. The styling is pretty conventional but there are few infant details that could make 2021 Great Wall Steed look funny in some way. This is something that was usual for Korean cars 20 years ago, for example. Anyway, we still consider the overall design pretty decent.

2021 Great Wall Steed interior design

Well, this is definitely an aspect of the truck where you can easily conclude why this model is so cheap. In terms of materials quality, dashboard and center console definitely stand out, in a bad way. Materials are made of hard plastic and look very cheap. Still, there are many great things about 2021 Great Wall Steed’s interior. First of all, this model comes in a double-cab variant exclusively. Also, a list of standard equipment looks pretty amazing. Even base models come with leather upholstery, heated front seats, USB connectivity etc. Higher trims are even more impressive, so you can get things like a hardtop, load liner, chrome side bars and parking sensors and many more. Considering truck’s price, this sounds amazing.

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2021 Great Wall Steed powertrain

This is definitely the area where 2021 Great Wall Steed lags behind other truck most. When you look at numbers, it all seems ok. This truck comes with a 2.0-liter diesel engine, which delivers around 141 horsepower and 220 pound-feet of torque. However, the problem is that this engine feels like it has significantly less power. The problem is maybe with the 5-speed manual transmission. This is one of the trucks weakest points for sure. Also, a diesel engine is definitely too loud. Considering all this, it is clear that 2021 Great Wall Steed lacks in terms of refinement and definitely can’t compare with models like Hilux or Navara when it comes to driving quality.2021 Great Wall Steed Engine, Powertrain and Release Date

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Good fuel economy

On the other side, fuel economy seems pretty good. The company claims 40 mpg in a combined drive. Still, we didn’t have the chance to test the model by ourselves.

2021 Great Wall Steed price and competition

The price is definitely the key reason why you should buy this truck. For a pretty small amount of money, you get a truck with decent utility capabilities and a pretty long list of standard features. Not to mention that this truck comes with a double-cab body style, while other trucks in the class offer only regular-cab workhorses for that amount of money. The price starts at 25.000 dollars.