2022 Mercedes S Class: Redesign, Spy Photos, Rumors, and Release

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2022 Mercedes S Class: Redesign, Spy Photos, Rumors, and Release. The 2022 Mercedes S Class video is leaked around the internet. In the particular video, it’s showed that new Mercedes S Class having an impressive modern interior with the brave black colour.

2022 Mercedes S Class Interior

As we all know, Mercedes is a famous car company that sells a lot of car in every country. The uniqueness lies in the interior and exterior design of the car they sell to people.

In the new Mercedes S Class, there’s additional feature including technology and safety in the brand new car in 2022. To know more about it, you can find out from this explanation.

What is the Difference Between 2022 Mercedes S Class and Predecessor?

The Mercedes S Class is known to be a luxury car from the first time its release to the market. The elegance black colour in the body of the car support you to drive car effortlessly and comfortably.

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2022 Mercedes S Class Powertrain

In 2022, the Mercedes S Class will show the brand new version of the car. While digging the information about 2022 Mercedes S Class, you may need to compare it with the previous version of the car.


Classic Mercedes S Class engine varies from the first production to the 2000s production. Meanwhile, the 2000’s using 6-cylinder, the 1954 production using a petrol V8 engine.

2022 Mercedes S Class Interior

As for the new version of the car, it’s expected to have 4.0 L and turbocharged V-8 complete with a single electric motor. The power expected to result in 700 hp– 805 hp for the car.


The old version of Mercedes S Class doesn’t have much change from 1954 production but giving a touch of technology like automatic settings inside the car from 2010.

2022 Mercedes S Class expected to offer MBUX infotainment to help the driver completing another task. There will also ultra-luxury details in the heater and cooler.

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The Mercedes S Class design remains classic and luxury. It’s the consistency that the company intends to keep in the Mercedes S Class have its existence by the exterior or interior design.

For the 2022 Mercedes S Class, the spy shots revealed that the new car only adds some of the little design in the car body. As for interior design, the change will take place in the materials of the seat.

2022 Mercedes S Class Rumour Pricing

The rumoured price of the 2022 Mercedes S Class will start from $96,000 to $10,000, follow by the feature that the car provides. This price is still a prediction.

If it’s compared to the other Mercedes car and old Mercedes S Class version, it’s not pricey. Mercedes still keeping the greatness they keep for a long time.

While waiting patiently until the brand new Mercedes S Class released, you can ask people who are an enthusiast in it. Sometimes fans have further prediction than the company.

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Because there are none of the official news told, the release date of the new Mercedes S Class is still unknown. But the 2022 Mercedes S Class will be released in between middle or end of 2022.