2022 Audi Pickup Truck: Redesign, Release Date and Rumors

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2022 Audi Pickup Truck: Redesign, Release Date and Rumors. We already read about the Audi truck. However, the vehicle never happened. But, it is about to change in the near future. The 2022 Audi pickup truck might appear as the concept, which will be turned into the production vehicle. Still, there is a long way to go for the company and this model has to make a tough decision.

2022 Audi Pickup Truck Release Date

With the new Q8 out, fans started asking what’s next for the luxury brand. The pickup truck is a logical choice after the big SUV. On the other hand, working machines are taking utility over luxury. Still, Audi will take it both for bragging and getting the job done.

You can find rumors about the BMW pickup truck. Audi’s big rival is serious about the appearance in this segment. Mercedes, another German automotive giant, is already testing the market. The X-Class is based on a totally different carmaker. But, when the German manufacturer adds its touch, the market will be stunned with the premium pickup.

Besides the good platform, the 2022 Audi pickup truck can count on the wide choice of engines, including turbo-four, turbo-six, and the most powerful V8. Engineers can tune this one to crack out more than 600 ponies. Still, this is not going to happen for the first edition.

2022 Audi Pickup Truck Release Date


The 2022 Audi pickup truck is not expected to appear as the production model. Still, we could see it as a concept that will draw the interest and test the market. The German carmaker is definitely going to check the situation before they do anything else. Currently, the luxury pickup segment is not so popular. Only standard trucks are offering high-end trims. Companies that got us used to premium vehicles are not entering this class. Well, trucks are trying to compete with versatile SUVs, which are favorites because of their comfort, luxury, handling, fuel economy … well, the only thing trucks are doing better is working.

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The luxury truck needs capabilities at first place. Audi is ready to offer that to the US buyers. Still, the luxury pickup will cost significantly more. Truckers won’t mind. The base versions of mid-size pickups start under $25,000 while the half-ton trucks could be found for $30,000. The average price paid for a truck in the US last year was $45,000. Entry-level options are either skipped or heavily upgraded. The 2022 Audi Pickup Truck is going to cost at least $50,000, which is still above the average.

2022 Audi Pickup Truck Powertrain

What Can the 2022 Audi Pickup Truck Bring?

Let’s assume that Audi targets the mid-size segment for its truck. There, it will face huge competition. Two new models were recently launched. Jeep entered the truck market after thirty years with Gladiator. Ford also brought back Ranger to the United States. The mid-size class is one of the hottest segments in the market. Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado are the best-sellers. We would underline their off-road versions, TRD Pro and ZR2. It is hard to believe the 2022 Audi Pickup Truck can beat their performances.

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Still, these heavily-loaded models cost under $46,000. If not utility, what does Audi can offer for $50,000? First of all, there is a new MMI infotainment system with some of the most advanced standard features in the market. The Virtual Cockpit turns into an information screen, or navigation, whatever driver needs. The MMI uses a dual-screen layout, with the secondary and main displays sitting at the center of the control panel. Furthermore, the quality of materials is at a higher level. Depending on the trim, the 2022 Audi Pickup Truck can use Harman Kardon and Bose audio systems. Some SUVs come with 23 speakers. Audi is also well-known for its safety. A blind-spot monitor is usually not available only on entry-level vehicles.

2022 Audi Pickup Truck vs BMW Truck vs Mercedes X-Class

Mentioning Audi truck can’t go without speaking about its archrivals. Mercedes was the quickest. The X-Class is their new project, but the first vehicle is not something we expected to see. It is based on Nissan Navara and it lacks a lot of German soul. No one would recognize this as Mercedes if there were no badges. However, the first phase is done and the German manufacturer is going to develop its own platform.

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The 2022 Audi Pickup Truck, even as the concept, is late behind the first rival. BMW is in the same position. We can read a lot of rumors about their pickup truck, but nothing is official. The advantage over both German companies is the partnership with Volkswagen. The 2022 Audi Pickup Truck might be based on the Amarok, making it more luxurious. VW has more projects to enter the production– including Atlas Tanoak and Tarok. Audi will get all the support from its teammate when chiefs decide to launch the new pickup. Still, we would like to see the process speeding up and being available as soon as possible.