2022 Toyota HiLux: Changes, Price, Specs, and Hybrid

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2022 Toyota HiLux: Changes, Price, Specs, and Hybrid. HiLux is one of the most popular trucks that are not available in the United States. Well, Toyota renames this pickup and delivers it as Tacoma. Still, there are some differences between these two. While the US truck is not offering a diesel unit, this type of engine is way more popular among HiLux buyers. The new edition might introduce a couple of fresh features to update the styling. The 2022 Toyota HiLux is close to the mid-cycle refresh, as well as Tacoma. The next-gen trucks won’t be here for a while, at least not before 2024.

2022 Toyota HiLux Spy Photos

Like in the US, the Japanese company is making a very capable pickup truck that is ready for serious work. In some countries, we can find special editions. Well, that is the situation with the TRD Pro in North America. Hilux badge is one of the oldest in the family. It dates back to 1968. The truck is currently in its eighth generation. The highlight is exceptional capability. Well, with many engine options in the offer, that is not a surprise. Buyers can choose between petrol and diesel units, as well as four- and six-cylinder configurations.

2022 Toyota HiLux Specs

Under the hood of the 2022 Toyota HiLux will be notable changes. Engineers updated drivetrains and made a truck more powerful than ever. A 2.8-liter D-D-4D diesel is the main choice in most markets. Now, it will create 200 horsepower and 370 lb-ft. The automatic transmission is standard. Anyway, you can opt for a manual gearbox, but it will drop the twisting power to 310 lb-ft.

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Another favorite option is a 2.4-liter oil-burner. This engine is coming unchanged, with 150 hp and 250-300 lb-ft of torque. Like its US sibling, the 2022 Toyota HiLux will also use a couple of petrol displacement. The base one is a 2.7-liter, while the V6 4.0 is optional. Finally, there is a 2.0-liter model in some markets as the entry-level offer. On the other end, diesel displacements go up to 3.0-liter. Sadly, these won’t hit the US dealerships any time soon.

2022 Toyota HiLux Wallpapers

Special Editions

Have you seen the new Tacoma with a snorkel? Well, it is not the first time Toyota used this part on its trucks. Last season, the Japanese company introduced a few interesting models in Australia. Rugged, Rugged X, and Rogue are off-road specialists. In Australia, the capability is also on the test with huge outskirts and deserts. So, one of these could make a ride more simple and comfortable. Sadly, these are not available in other markets. The manufacturer will bring more features and refresh the lineup for the 2022 Toyota Hilux.

2022 Toyota HiLux Changes

The pandemic of the COVID-19 virus puts the question mark on the HiLux future. Changes were scheduled for the next season, but the new model could be postponed for 2022. Still, since the development was near the end, the 2022 Toyota HiLux could appear as soon as the situation calms down.

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2022 Toyota HiLux Powertrain

The size of the vehicle and the overall look is the same. Nevertheless, details make it so special. The front fascia comes with the most modifications. The new grille is there. Toyota calls it three-dimensional. Of course, the bumper and headlights will also get a fresh look to complete the facelift. You will notice a smaller fog light housing. Toyota shows the image of an off-road-ready truck with skid plates. This will be an optional upgrade.

The side of a pickup is also more aggressive. Plus, fans can notice graphics that were not there before. Wheel arches will introduce a contrasting color. We can’t wait to see this in combination with dark colors. Of course, fresh wheels will complete the redesign.

2022 Toyota HiLux Release Date, Competition

The new 2022 Toyota HiLux will show up early next year. The coronavirus outburst slowed down the development, but the delay is not huge. With all the changes we expect, it will be worth waiting. According to TopSpeed, the interior is not going to change. We expect more news about the performance and the price model called GR HiLux.

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Speaking of Tacoma, we learned that company will go after the hybrid configuration, rather than diesel. Well, HiLux won’t drop oil-burners, but there are enthusiasts outside the US that would like to see a pickup with an electrified system. It will extend the gap between the most popular truck and its rivals. Nevertheless, Nissan is also bringing the new version of Navara soon.

The Japanese company is now partner with Mercedes, and we will definitely meet a more upscale version of this pickup. Mazda also partners Isuzu, and their BT-50 and D-Max will launch new generations in 2022. Ford Ranger is another big player in the truck segment, not only in North America but also worldwide. Well, its popularity is bigger in Europe and Australia, where it also offers the Raptor version.

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