2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel, Specs, And Latest Rumors

2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel, Specs, And Latest Rumors. Fans are thrilled with the news about the upcoming next-gen Tacoma. Still, the company is not providing any details about the mid-size truck. The new model was scheduled for 2024, but things are pretty hot in the pickup market recently. After a few debuts, the Japanese truckmaker is going to deliver the new version. Hopefully, it will finally feature an oil-burner. It is questionable if the truck is appearing as the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. There are a few other questions about this model too, especially with a long time waiting for this to happen.

2023 Toyota Tacoma Exterior

The new Tacoma will get a new drivetrain. Experts believed that the hybrid has a priority. But, more oil-burners appeared recently in the mid-size truck market, which made bosses reconsider their stands about the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. With the lack of official info, we can only find speculations about the upcoming model.

Pros and Cons

The truck is still just a rumor. The company made it clear about Tundra– it won’t feature an oil burner any time soon. With all the half-ton pickups by the US carmakers already equipped with diesel engines, this is somehow a strange move by Toyota. On the other hand, chiefs never said never for the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. This is the hope fans were looking for. Nothing has happened to give any clue about the arrival of the new drivetrain. We will have to be patient and wait for the next update and official unveiling. Chances are slim, but the Japanese truckmaker always finds a way to surprise both fans and rivals. Plus, the new version of the TRD Pro package also might happen soon. If it happens), this combo is going to be deadly (.

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New Engine

We can compare the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel to the Hilux, the non-US pickup truck, and one of the best-selling models outside North America. A favorite version is using a D-4D diesel configuration, while the petrol units are not so popular worldwide. Still, we don’t think a 2.8-liter oil-burner can meet qualifications for the US market because of the emissions standards. Many experts see the retuning of the existing powerplant as the first option.

2023 Toyota Tacoma Price

That, Toyota is preparing a new engine for Tundra. It is called I-Force Max, and it replaces sturdy and old V8. The Japanese company is seeking efficiency and making their trucks lighter. The same thing can happen to the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. Still, would it be wise to invest in a dying type of drivetrain? Not so. Instead, Toyota will rather redirect funds to the hybrid engine. It is still a far-fetched story since no other company has even made a move to the new era. We see more and more large SUVs with such configurations, and Toyota is a leader. Highlander was the only three-row SUV with a hybrid engine. Now, it features a setup that can return 35 mpg.

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Next-Generation, New Chance

The 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel is not so likely to happen. News will be out already. The company is keeping its plans away from the public. It is obvious that Tacoma needs serious treatment to keep in touch with other trucks currently taking over the market. Still, the new generation was initially planned for 2024. Even if it happens earlier, it won’t be two years before the deadline. On the other hand, new arrivals can speed up the development and provoke an early debut. It is impossible to see the diesel engine on an old model if the truck starts the new generation in 2023. Or, Toyota might test the reaction of the market.

2023 Toyota Tacoma Pictures

Why Hybrid Truck Should be Priority?

A lot of companies already dropped diesel units from their lineups. The latest one is Nissan, whose Titan XD is not offering a large 5.0-liter turbodiesel mill. So, adding a diesel for short-term benefit might not turn out well. Ford, GM, and FCA made their half-ton pickups available with oil burners. The Blue Oval is not debuting with a diesel engine on the mid-size Ranger. Jeep Gladiator is using the same powerplant like the Ram 1500.

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So, the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel would only be catching up with rivals. On the other hand, hybrids are the future. Sooner or later, many truckmakers will turn to this technology. At the moment, it wouldn’t be expendable. Still, the first models will have an advantage over the competition. Well, Toyota will have to hurry up. General Motors is preparing a big electrification, and Ford is developing hybrid trucks for a while, according to rumors.

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