Hummer HX Interiors, Concept and Price

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Since the SUV’s original release in 1992, we are hearing rumors about its truck version. 26 years later, some reports suggest that the new truck will finally come. First as a concept and then later as a serial production model.At the moment, those reports suggest different names for the concept, but the most common is Hummer HX Concept. According to some reports, the company prepares a new version of the legendary military SUV.Hummer HX Interiors, Concept and Price

Hummer HX Interiors, Concept And Price

Hummer HX Concept

To remind you, there have been three generations of this model so far. The last version was active between 2005 and 2010. So, there is no such thing as Hummer on the market for full eight years. Still, it seems changes are coming. Reports about new, fourth generation are numerous, as well as rumors about its truck version. The HX Concept could have premiere already next year. Still, take these claims with a big reserve.

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Hummer HX Concept design

At this point, it is hard to tell something more about this potential concept. We didn’t get even a confirmation of this truck, so how could we expect some more details. Still, we could make some predictions about the new model. If it comes, it is pretty obvious that the Hummer HX Concept comes in a familiar manner. A classic massive, boxy shape will carry on for sure, for both SUV and truck versions. A familiar shape is willing to stay, but we expect far more refinement.Since this will be a mid-size truck, expect many similarities with its corporate relatives Colorado and Canyon. Since the company prepares new generations of these models, expect plenty of new design solutions shared between these three trucks, especially when it comes to engines and mechanics,

Hummer HX Concept platform

It is very likely that the potential concept truck would get a completely new platform. Still, we won’t dare to speculate in deeper. We will stick to some general idea of how the new architecture could look like. Compared to the last, H3 model, we expect to see a complete overhaul. All three generations of this SUV were criticized for many reasons. Poor fuel economy and even worse driving dynamics are some of them, not to mention comforts if there is such thing.For the Hummer HX Concept, the company should go for a completely new chassis, with latest design solutions which will provide massive weight savings among other improvements. Also, expect a completely new suspension, brakes etc. A better use of space is mandatory. This truck would need to provide much more space for passengers. For that case, we will go for some double cab version.

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Hummer HX Interiors, Concept And Price

Hummer HX Concept engines

Previous Hummers were characterized by large and thirsty V8 engines. The new model will probably go for some more efficient variant. Familiar 3.6-liter V6 sounds like a perfect choice. This engine already proved itself in many models from GM, including Chevy Colorado. In the current version, it delivers around 310 horses. Still, we will not exclude a possible V8 variant.Another familiar unit from GM could find its place under the hood of Hummer HX Concept. It is a 5.3-liter V8 engine, which delivers around 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. Some reports even suggest a diesel engine, which sounds pretty reasonable, considering vehicles main purpose.Hummer HX Interiors, Concept and Price

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Hummer HX Concept release date

We are still waiting for some official confirmation, but there are already numerous reports that suggest Hummer HX Concept’s premier already in the next year. Even if this happens, we are pretty sure that production model won’t be ready before 2020. Once again, take all these details with a big dose of a reserve.