2021 Audi Pickup Truck Concept, Interiors and Release Date

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2021 Audi Pickup Truck Concept, Interiors and Release Date.As we already said in the previous text 2018 is going to be an important year for pickup truck sector and the trend will continue in 2021 too. Not only top carmakers are launching new truck models and revamping existing ones, more players are joining the league. The German company will also do with the launch of 2021 Audi Pickup Truck.The interesting thing is an emergence of luxury pickup segment. A few years ago this could be a nascent segment but with Mercedes Benz showcasing the much-touted X class- the other bigwigs are set to jump on the bandwagon. Tesla is launching its electric pickup truck which will be quite lavish in nature. So, it is quite possible that Audi will not be able to resist the temptation! Rumors of Audi launching a luxury picky truck are doing the rounds.2021 Audi Pickup Truck Concept, Interiors and Release Date

2021 Audi Pickup Truck Concept, Interiors And Release Date

2021 Audi Pickup Truck Design

If Audi actually decides to make a luxury pickup- it will most likely be based on the popular VW Amarok. The Amarok itself caters to a niche segment of truck buyers. However, it will definitely not be a rebadged VW truck. The Audi design traits including grille and logo will be used. This truck will not be off road centric and styling will be more important than sheer durability. However, it will get alloy wheels, LED lamps and a few trims may be offered by Audi.

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2021 Audi Pickup Truck Interior

The cabin of upcoming 2021 Audi Pickup Truck may have some resemblances with the VW Amarok. However, the cabin comes with upscale materials- beyond any doubt. The seats will be leather wrapped and you can expect wood and metal trim inside the cabin.Amenities like sunroof and dual-zone climate control are expected. It will be spacious and noise insulating materials will be great to ensure a quieter ride. The Audi Virtual Cockpit may be there as an option- though it is not certain.

Safety Features

The pickup truck from Audi minus amenities is just unimaginable. The truck will also be laden with advanced safety technologies. The presence of autonomous driving technology is also likely.

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2021 Audi Pickup Truck Concept, Interiors And Release Date

2021 Audi Pickup Truck Engine Specs

It is hard to say with certainty as to which engine will in the upcoming Audi pickup truck. However, the engines already used in top SUVs of Audi may be there. So, from that perspective, it is logical to expect both diesel and gasoline-based engines under the hood.However, it is also likely that Audi may offer a plug-in hybrid setup. The towing capacity is still a mystery.2021 Audi Pickup Truck Concept, Interiors and Release Date

2021 Audi Pickup Truck Price and Availability

Like other factors, pricing of the upcoming 2021 Audi Pickup Truck is unclear. The base trim price may be above $50.000 mark. With customizations that price tag may touch $60.000. 2021 may be the ideal time for release.

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Summing it up

The idea of Audi getting into the luxury pickup market is not absurd. While the company is tight-lipped on the topic- industry experts think it is possible.However, the company may or may not choose the Amarok as the base. At any rate, this 2021 Audi Pickup Truck will carry a hefty price tag even at basic setup.