Subaru Pickup Truck Concept, Redesign and Release Date

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Subaru Pickup Truck Concept, Redesign and Release Date. Subaru is not among the most popular carmakers from Japan but it is getting traction with time and market share of the company is also expanding. Subaru is keen on strengthening foothold in various niches of the automobile industry- both in Japan and other markets- as it seems from its new moves. The buzz of Subaru Pickup Truck Concept is gaining momentum.The company has not confirmed the rumor but the chance is there- say the industry experts. Subaru has not dabbled much in this sector but the pickup truck segment is set to grow a lot in near future. With new players like Tesla and luxury carmakers too launching their trucks, Subaru may also follow suit.Subaru Pickup Truck Concept, Redesign and Release Date

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Subaru Pickup Truck will be based on VIZIV-7 or Baja model

Subaru has not said anything about the design of the upcoming pickup truck. However, that has not deterred the online rumor sites from coming up with speculative render! The truck may be based on the Baja- a pickup Subaru did offer previously. The Baja was not very successful and its lifespan was rather short. The company may actually re-launch the Baja truck. It may be an AWD truck with open-bed pickup or crew cab setup.The other possibility is Subaru may launch a truck based on its VIZIV-7 concept. This concept vehicle hogged much attention when it was shown a couple of years back. The visual styling is really nice and a truck based on it will appeal to a section of buyers for sure. Regardless of the platform selected by Subaru, the truck may be launched in several trims. There will be several colors for the exterior of the model.

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We expect that will Subaru pickup truck get plenty of advanced safety features- regardless of trims. The features like traction control, rearview camera, vehicle stability control and airbags are expected. A touchscreen controlled infotainment setup is likely to be there as well. It may have support for navigation and Bluetooth.

Subaru Pickup Truck Engine

Unfortunately, there is no info about engine use in Subaru pickup truck. However, it may not be an off-road centric truck after all. So, a moderately powered gasoline or diesel engine may sit under the hood. It may so happen that Subaru will use a modified version of engines used in its popular vehicles such as the Outback or Impreza.The necessary tweaks will be made to these engines to suit truck usage needs. Special suspension may be used as well. This truck will have a decent payload and the towing range as well.Subaru Pickup Truck Concept, Redesign and Release Date

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Subaru Pickup Truck Concept, Redesign And Release Date

Subaru Pickup Truck Price and Expected Release Date

Nothing is known about exact release date or price of the upcoming Subaru Pickup Truck. It may hit the showrooms in 2 years or so, as per the buzz. Pricing should be under $30.000.

Summing it up

The chance of Subaru offering a light duty or midsized pickup truck is there. The company is mum on the issue and details are unclear. However, with right pricing and features- the truck may carve its niche in this sector upon release.

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