Kia Pickup Truck Price, Specs and Release Date

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Kia Pickup Truck Price, Specs and Release Date. The segment of mid-size trucks is in some kind of an expansion in these days, so it’s no wonder that even manufacturers like Kia have this kind of vehicle in plans for the future. According to the latest reports, Kia Pickup Truck was planned for the next year, to come as a tough competitor of models like Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado etc.However, latest reports suggest we are about to see something a little bit different. The Korean manufacturer definitely doesn’t have pedigree and resources for such a move. So, the new model from Kia will rather be smaller and with unibody construction. Considering these details, we are sure that this won’t be a pure-blooded pickup truck, but rather a modern pickup, similar to Honda Ridgeline. It’s not the first time we are seeing something like that, but many Kia lovers will be disappointed with this news.Kia Pickup Truck Price, Specs and Release Date

Kia Pickup Truck Price, Specs And Release Date

Kia Pickup Truck design

So, what to expect from a Kia Pickup Truck? Well, it looks like the company is going to stick to the unibody platform. In practice, this means less capability compared to traditional body-on-frame trucks, but far better comfort on the other side. The current market offers one vehicle of this type. That is the Honda Ridgeline, which was very well accepted by both crowd and experts and now makes great sales results.Considering the current situation on the market, the new Kia Pickup Truck will have much more chances to establish its position on the market. The Kia’s sister-family prepares a new vehicle of the same type, called Santa Fe Urban Truck. This will be a great advantage since the new model from Kia will probably borrow complete mechanics.

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Kia Pickup Truck styling

Once we heard that the new Kia Pickup Truck won’t come with a body-on-frame platform, it became clear that the new model will borrow the platform and complete mechanics from Hyundai Santa Fe Urban Truck. In practice, this means that these two models will be quite similar. With pretty much same dimensions and proportions. On the other side, expect to see a completely different styling. The new Kia Pickup Truck will adopt the brand’s newest design language. That means many similarities with crossovers like Sorento and Sportage, especially at the front. Most likely, the new model will come in some kind of a double-cab configuration.

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Kia Pickup Truck interior

The interior design should come with plenty of refinement and full of hi-tech features. Basically, this truck will feature a car-like comfort, similar to a company’s crossovers. Attractive lines, large touchscreen with the newest interface in the middle and hi-level of comfort will be some of the models strongest points. Also, expect to the side a pretty long list of standard features, including some of the latest active safety systems.

Kia Pickup Truck Price, Specs And Release Date

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Kia Pickup Truck engine

When it comes to powertrain, the Kia Pickup Truck should stick to four cylinders. Most likely, the new truck will come with a new 2.0-liter turbo inline-four engine, which will have a max output of around 240 horsepower.Still, some kind of a performance version is also possible. It that case, we should see a 3.3-liter V6 engine, which is good for about 290 horsepower.Finally, some diesel version is also possible. When it comes to transmission, the new truck will most likely stick to proven design solutions. In practice, this would mean 6- or 8-speed automatic gearbox. For markets like Europe, a manual transmission is also expected.Kia Pickup Truck Price, Specs and Release Date

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Kia Pickup Truck release date and price

Details about the release date and price are yet to come. Still, some reports suggest new truck could come in the next year, with a base price around 25.000 dollars.