Skoda Pickup Truck Exteriors, Specs and Styling

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Skoda Pickup Truck Exteriors, Specs and Styling. Pickup trucks are becoming more and more popular, so it’s not surprising that Czech manufacturer is working on a Skoda Pickup Truck Concept. According to latest reports, the famous carmaker will soon present a concept version of the new vehicle, while production model would come a year after. So far, we don’t have more precise information about the new model, but various reports suggest it would be a mid-size truck, which will compete with numerous models that are available in the European market.Still, there are opposite reports about trucks design characteristics. While some suggest traditional body-on-frame platform, most of our sources prefer unibody, car-like platform. In any case, this Pickup Truck Concept should have the premier soon. Some reports suggest second half of the year, although we are still waiting for some official details. At the moment, we must rely on rumors only.Skoda Pickup Truck Exteriors, Specs and Styling

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Skoda Pickup Truck Concept platform

The first thing that bothers us is the architecture. If you look at those reports that circulate on the internet, you can find opposite predictions. Some car experts suggest a traditional design. In that case, the new Skoda Pickup Truck Concept will use the platform of VW Amarok. Still, most car enthusiasts believe that Skoda will go for something similar to Honda Ridgeline, a truck that compromises between capabilities and driving dynamics.In this case, the Skoda Pickup Truck Concept will go for a car-like platform. It isn’t hard to guess, it would be a familiar MQB architecture, used for Kodiaq. In that case, expect a lot of similarities, including identical mechanics and same design language. Speaking of the styling, the new concept should be very attractive.

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept styling and interior design

Although it is still early to talk about styling characteristics, we are pretty sure that the Skoda Pickup Truck Concept will stick close to the Kodiaq crossover. Moreover, we are expecting completely the same front end, which is in a manner of brand’s current design language. On the other side, details about the rear end are still hard to guess. Most likely, this pickup truck will come in some kind of a double-cab layout. Still, the potential production model will probably come in regular cab version as well.When it comes to the interior, we expect to see pretty much the same cabin as in Kodiaq. The dashboard should be the same, including the instrument cluster. On the other side, this cabin will probably be a little bit less spacious. Speaking of equipment, expect a similar list of standard features, as well as the same trim level organization.

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept engine

It is hard to say which engine will find the place under the concept. On the other side, the production model will most likely mimic the new SUV. This means a familiar palette of VW engines. Expect both gasoline and diesel variants, as well as some electrified version in the future.Base models will probably use a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 125 and 150 horsepower.There is also a more powerful 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which delivers around 180 horses.When it comes to diesel engines, there is a familiar 2.0-liter TDI unit, which comes in two output variants, with 150 and 190 horsepower.All engines should be available with both manual and automatic transmission.Skoda Pickup Truck Exteriors, Specs and Styling

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Skoda Pickup Truck Concept release date

It is still early to speculate about Skoda Pickup Truck Concept’s premiere. After all, this is still just a rumor. However, some reports suggest that the new truck could have a premiere already in the second half of the year, on some of the major car shows.

Skoda Pickup Truck Exteriors, Specs And Styling