Kia Pickup Price, Specs and Interiors

Kia Pickup Price, Specs and Interiors. It looks like the Korean manufacturer is preparing something completely new, the Kia Pickup Concept. One of the main reasons why both Hyundai and Kia are doing very well on the markets around the world is a variety of products. Hatchbacks, crossovers, and sedans of all sizes are covered. Still, we have never seen before a pickup from these brands.The company is aware how big potential this kind of vehicle has, so there is a new concept in development. Latest reports suggest that the new pickup will be presented in a form of concept by the end of the year, on some of the major shows, while the production version will come soon after. In any case, the Kia Pickup Concept is about to bring numerous interesting design solutions, if we can trust those reports that circulate on the network.Kia Pickup Price, Specs and Interiors

Kia Pickup Price, Specs And Interiors

Kia Pickup Concept platform

One of the most interesting aspects of the new concepts will be a platform. As you may know, this company doesn’t have SUVs or other body-on-frame kinds of vehicles. So, instead of developing a completely new architecture, they have decided to offer something more interesting – a unibody truck. This isn’t some revolutionary solution, but there are no many pickups with such design characteristics. Probably the only mid-size unibody pickup around is Honda Ridgeline, and now Kia is about to offer something similar. Of course, we can expect the same thing from sister company Hyundai. So, what’s the catch with this platform? One thing is for sure, the Pickup Concept will be far more comfortable than conventional trucks. Still, overall capabilities will suffer, especially when it comes to towing and payload capacity.

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Kia Pickup Concept design

The Kia Pickup Concept will come with plenty of interesting design solutions. As we already mentioned, it will ride on a crossover-like unibody chassis. This will provide far better comfort. The whole point of this new concept is to create a more versatile pickup. Of course, it will lack in things like towing, but those people who need such great performance would rather add few thousands more and go for a full-size truck.On the other side, Kia Pickup Concept is about to offer perfectly balanced characteristics. The new pickup will feature some decent capabilities. On the other side, it will offer a much better comfort and more practicality. When it comes to the exterior look, expect styling cues to Sorento, especially at the front, where we are expecting to see a completely same design language. Interior design should also closely resemble famous crossover.

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Kia Pickup Concept engine

This would be an interesting part of the Kia Pickup Concept as well. Latest reports suggest that the new pickup will come in a diesel version. The company develops a new 4-cylinder oil burner, for the new Genesis line. Additionally, this will be a perfect solution for the new pickup. Most likely, it will have a displacement of 2.0 liters, while numbers in terms of power are yet to be announced.Later, in the production model, we should see gasoline units in the offer as well. The current Sorento uses both 4- and 6-cylinder units and both seem pretty adequate for this occasion. A smaller 2.0-liter turbo inline-four delivers around 240 horses, while 3.3-liter V6 is good for about 290 horsepower.Also, an older-generation 2.4-liter unit with 190 horses could be on the offer for some specific markets. When it comes to transmission, base versions will use 6-speed manual. Additionally, 6- and 8-speed automatic gearboxes will be offered.Kia Pickup Price, Specs and Interiors

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Kia Pickup Price, Specs And Interiors

Kia Pickup Concept release date

It is still hard to say something more precise about the release date, but the new Kia Pickup Concept will most likely have its premiere on some of the major shows in the second half of the year.

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