2021 BMW Pickup Truck Redesign, Specs and Price

2021 BMW Pickup Truck Redesign, Specs and Price.The BMW is ready to enter the pickup segment and while we are waiting for the official confirmation the 2021 BMW Pickup Truck is a very likely outcome. The German car maker plans to expand its lineup of vehicles and after creating fabulous sedans, coupes and SUVs, the pickup truck is the next thing to move focus on. The newest 2021 BMW Pickup Truck will go into production next year.For sure, this segment will explode very soon, as we have plenty of new models and most importantly, all-electric pickups are becoming “the thing”. For now, we know that BMW is planning to introduce its pickup in a two-year time.Some leaked information and nice rendering show us the idea of a pickup that will run on the X5 platform. A uni-body chassis for better towing and hauling is on the line and the interior will be very modern and comfortable.2021 BMW Pickup Truck Redesign, Specs and Price

2021 BMW Pickup Truck Redesign, Specs And Price

2021 BMW Pickup Truck will ride on the X5 platform

The upcoming 2021 BMW Pickup Truck will enter the full-size pickup truck segment. As we wrote, this model will ride on the X5 platform so expect a classic BMW’s kidney front grille. The approach angle will be quite impressive and the handling will be superb.Off-roading is a possibility, but let’s wait for exact information on the vehicle. Plenty of chrome accents are in the offer, mostly around the bumpers.A roof rack will be optional, just like on the VW Amarok model. However, extra cargo storage should be optional, so it is not a decisive thing. The cargo bed will be similar to the beds on the Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Tacoma. Rear bumper looks curvy like on the company’s SUV models. Generally, the exterior should bring plenty of excitement and aggressiveness.

2021 BMW Pickup Truck interior updates

Just like the exterior, the interior of the 2021 BMW Pickup Truck will share a lot with the X5 model. The dash is typical BMW’s and leather seats are a must. Moreover, wood accents inside the cabin are the only logical outcome when it comes to BMW. New infotainment screen that is similar to the iPad is available and the iDrive controller as well.The gauge cluster will be analog, as the all-digital gauges are not recommendable for pickup trucks. The folding rear bench will hit the production, and it can accommodate three persons.Sadly, we don’t have much interior information, but on the other hand, we expect nothing but the upscale cabin that is quiet and comfortable.

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2021 BMW Pickup Truck engine

The engine options will depend on the route that BMW opts for. The most likely outcome is that it will borrow the X5’s drivetrain, as it already runs on the same platform.If that happens, the 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbocharged unit will come as standard. The optional 4.4-liter V8 turbo is also a possibility. Moreover, a hybrid drivetrain could also make a production.

2021 BMW Pickup Truck Redesign, Specs And Price

Hybrid and diesel variants

The hybrid variant will probably combine the optional V8 with a pair of electric motors. The diesel engine could also happen, but hardly before 2021. An 8-speed automatic transmission is available with all drivetrain options and all-wheel drive setup will be optional.2021 BMW Pickup Truck Redesign, Specs and Price

2021 BMW Pickup Truck price and release date

When it arrives, the 2021 BMW Pickup Truck will cost up to $55,000. The fully loaded model could hit the $71,000 price mark. While this is still a speculation, this pickup will hit the markets later in 2019.

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