2022 Ford Super Duty Lineup: Specs, Price, Release Date, & Pics

2022 Ford Super Duty Lineup: Specs, Price, Release Date, & Pics. Good news for Ford Motor Company’s lover in 2022. The car manufacturer from the United States is reportedly going to release the latest version of the 2022 Ford Super Duty Of course, the version will be much different from the previous version. Here is information about cars from the Ford Super Duty series.

2022 Ford Super Duty Lineup Redesign

One type of Ford Super Duty is reportedly going to come out with the latest version in 2022. Apparently, Ford has invested very expensively to make a unique cabin and overall proportions for this pickup. For interior and exterior design, the F250 will have a creative Xmas light bulb, gateway, grille, and decorative mirror in 2022.

All of that can suit your personal taste in both size and shape to be relevant to all existing fenders. Although the Ford F250 reduces weight, braking techniques and proportions will be more critical. In addition, the leading seating area is of HVAC type and provides a 10-way change in strength.

The Ford F250 has a pre-filled engine with 6.7-liter turbodiesel gasoline and 6.2 liter V8. The torque that this car has will be different from previous products. In addition, the F250 also has toes that are similar to a torque of 925 lb which can reach up to 34,000 lb.

2022 Ford Super Duty Lineup Spy Photos

New Ford Super Duty F-250 Lariat

This car also uses various standard towing practices with regard to an additional 18,000 and 15,000 pounds. However, it seems that this car is a type of platinum which makes it limited. Even the price you have to prepare to buy this F250 Super Duty is around $33,700.

2022 Ford F350 Super Duty

The F350 will also be one of the 2022 Ford Super Duty types. The Ford company certainly always wants to provide the best for all consumers, especially fans of this F350. The following are some of the new things that will be on the Ford F350 Super Duty in 2022.

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2022 Ford Super Duty Lineup Engine

Engine Specs

Ford F350 will use an engine with a new gasoline option. The engine that the F350 uses is a V8 with 6.2 liters of gasoline which will produce 430 pounds of torque and 385 horsepower. In addition, another engine is a V8 with 7.3 liters of gasoline that can produce 475 pounds of torque.

And the engine will produce 430 horsepower. The pull of this engine will use a well-known turbodiesel, the 6.7 liter V8. The turbodiesel will produce 475 horsepower and 1,050 pounds of torque. In addition, this car engine is complete with an automatic gearbox that will produce 10 speeds.

2022 Ford Super duty XLT F-350 Off-Road Package

What is different from the engine that the Ford F350 uses is in its tow capacity. This car will also use a new diesel engine with a number of 37,000 pounds. In addition, this car also focuses on loading capacity that relies on around 7,600 pounds. So the best choice is on the use of a basic gasoline engine.

Trim Levels/Configuration

The Ford F350 still relies on the same trim level organization as before, this car comes with a few additional trims. The trim will be typical workhorses using the XLT base model and not too many technological features. Of course, there is still much that will be given by this Ford F350 Super Duty car.

The Ford F350 also turns out to be new to the wiper, 17-inch steel wheels, rear-view camera, and manual front locking hub with a four-wheel-drive model. In addition, the F350 also has a manual telescope towing mirror, 2.5-inch trailer hitch receivers, and 2-inch inserts, as well as a locking tailgate with the help of its lift.

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This pickup also comes with various enhancements such as cruise control, alloy wheels, a 4.2-inch screen, and heated mirrors that you can adjust. This car is also equipped with a front seat that you can adjust to its power and dual-zone automatic climate control. There are also adjustable pedals, leather seats, an 8-inch touch screen, and center armrest.

Redesign Interior and Exterior

2022 Ford Super Duty for F350 type will also make updates in terms of its interior. This XLT car adds an impression of luxury with the use of Platinum and also limited trims with details that are typical of King Ranch. In addition, the F350 also adds LED lightboxes, automatic high beam, keyless entry, and start.

Not only that, but there are also remote starts, unique wheels, automatic wipers, and heated and ventilated front seats. In addition, the interior design of the car includes a surround-view camera, lane guard assistance, adaptive roaming control, and panoramic sunroof. Of course, all of these things will add to your comfort while driving.

2022 Super Duty New Interior

As for the exterior design, the F350 also made some changes that were not very visible. You can get this car in a variety of different colors. In addition, the wheels that the car uses are 18-in which makes it even more persistent. The F350 also uses fascia elements on its large grille which makes this car look even more beautiful.

2022 Ford Super Duty Release Date and Price

The F350 pickup with this change is likely to appear at the end of 2020 or it could be in 2022. The car is certainly doing quality improvement for you as a consumer. Of course, Ford makes the interior and exterior design of this car according to current needs.

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In addition, the F350 engine that was chosen also experienced an increase compared to the previous version. With all the changes, of course, this Ford Super Duty will cost quite a lot. Therefore, if you are interested you must prepare enough money to buy it.

Reportedly, this F350 will be sold at a price of around $35,037 and most likely this car will reach a price of $80,015. In addition, this car is reportedly also quite limited because it is a special collection of Ford in 2022. That way, you have to hurry to get it once the car is released.


That is information about the 2022 Ford Super Duty for the F250 and F350 types. Ford has made the latest updates for these two types of cars. That way, for those of you who are very fond of Ford cars, will get a new car with changes that are far different from the previous version.

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