2021 Ford Thunderbird Return: Pics, Specs, Interior, Convertible

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2021 Ford Thunderbird Return: Pics, Specs, Interior, Convertible. those who love old vintage and iconic cars should be familiar with the Ford Thunderbird. This was one of the top cars Ford produced in 1955. At that time of the year, Ford Thunderbird was a hit and favorite to many people who loved luxurious cars. Rumors say Ford will be bringing back the old car into something new known as the 2021 Ford Thunderbird somewhere this year.

2021 Ford Thunderbird Wallpaper

This is 2021, so don’t expect the exterior design will be the same as the cars in 1955. However, Ford will still make the design luxurious and stylish. Thus, the new modern car will be completed with advanced technology. The car will not only be good-looking but great working too. Here are more things you should know about the upcoming Ford Thunderbird.

2021 Ford Thunderbird Concept – Modernized Exterior Look

Ford has always been an expert in making their cars look good and modern. Therefore, many people are also expecting to see a modernized look for the upcoming Thunderbird. The car will be coming with some models and designs from the iconic mustang model from the given information. This means it will combine the old look with something new.

From a glance, the Thunderbird will still have the long length as it had before. However, the front part of the car will be made with smoother lines with sleek designs. As for the doors, the car will be coming with a 2-front door design. Therefore, this Thunderbird will still look like a modern sports car with some vintage touch.

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2021 Ford Thunderbird Wallpapers

To support the design, the car is made with light fine material to speed up the ride. Compared to other brands, the material for Ford cars are lighter but with great endurance. This way, this car is great to bring for any ride.

Ford Thunderbird Interior Design

After seeing the exterior design, let’s take a peek inside the interior design of the 2021 Ford Thunderbird. The interior design will make it just as luxurious and stylish as the exterior design of the car. First, people will see that the car will be dominated by black color when peaking inside the car. There will be some touch of other colors on the seats and board of the car.

2021 Ford Thunderbird Interior

Starting from the seats, the material used to make them is high-quality leather. All the basic cars will be coming in a two-color design leather, customized based on the customers’ requests. With this kind of material people won’t need to worry about how to clean their car.

As for the capacity, if the size of the upcoming 2021 is the same, there will not be any difference. The car will still be available with a 2-seat passenger, which has a long and big space. Therefore, with the big space in the seats and the trunk, people can drive comfortably with the car.

For the dashboard and wheels design, there isn’t much difference with the last design. However, they will be putting off some old technology and changing it with something new and modern. This may be the only and major difference from the interior design.

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Engine Specification

Another thing important that people are waiting for is the engine inside the Thunderbird. Even though it is a luxurious car, but the heart of the car is its engine. Well, information has been saying that the Thunderbird will be bringing Mustang’s performance into its car.

The engine’s first option is the 2L– 2.3 L eco Boost, which can produce 250 horsepower and 280 lb-foot. Some Ford cars have already used this kind of engine in their car, and the result itself is quite good. Therefore, if the Ford is coming with this type, it will be the same other Ford cars.

However, it is also possible to come in a 2.7 liter– 3L V6 that can produce than 300 horses hasn’t been confirmed yet, but this will be a great option if it is true. With great design and great machines, what could people not like about the car?

As for fuel consumption, hopefully, it can improve from the latest consumption. The latest update is 17 mph for street use and 23 mpg on the highways. The consumption is not as low as hybrid cars; however, it is quite low for normal cars.

Technology & Features

The upcoming Thunderbird will be coming with some standard equipment such as touchscreens and digital gauges. However, to support this equipment, the new car will also have features like a Wi-Fi system and Bluetooth. Therefore, users can maximize the use of each piece of equipment inside the car.

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When it comes to safety and security, Ford always comes with great features to ensure their car is safe. For this car, the details haven’t been shared yet, but hopefully, it will have its latest technology in it. One thing for sure, the 2021 Thunderbird will have standard safety features such as airbags, cameras, and sensors.

2021 Ford Thunderbird Price & Release date

The 2021 Ford Thunderbird will be coming at the beginning of next year around Jan-Feb 2021. However, do not expect that the price will be low because it is a luxurious car. Information says that the car will be available for around $40,000 -$50,000 in the market. Usually, the price depends on the type of machine and colors people choose too.

Overall, the 2021 Ford Thunderbird is a car that many people are waiting to look for. With its great success in the past, Ford hopes that this version will also be as great. So, let’s see whether this luxurious car is as good as before.