2022 Ford Transit Connect Van Specs, Pics, Release & Price

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2022 Ford Transit Connect Van Specs, Pics, Release & Price. As one of the car manufacturers from the United States, Ford has various types of cars. And one of the most demanding cars is Transit Connect. Cars with this type of SUV will reportedly come out in 2022 with a few changes. The following are some of the new things in the 2022 Ford Transit Connect that you need to know about.

2022 Ford Transit Connect Van Interior

Engine Specs

This SUV is a Ford car that can accommodate up to 5 passengers. Ford Transit Connect offers a solo powertrain with the 2.5-liter 4-tube engine that produces 169 horsepower. Apparently, Ford combines the engine with a 6-level automatic transmission that will move the rim on the front side of the car.

Fuels that are compatible with this engine are gasoline, liquid oil, and compressed gas (CNG). In addition, this engine will produce an 8-speed automatic transmission and connect it to the gas engine. In addition, this car will also have a new drivetrain in which each drivetrain has extraordinary features.

This feature can help you to save a little gasoline that you use when idle. The typical engine from Transit Connect can produce 162 hp engines with a 2-cylinder gas system with a capacity of 2 liters. The machine will spend about 30 miles on the road that is still quite efficient for the size of an SUV.

While the engine on the Transit Connect previously used a Turbo 4 with a 1.6-liter engine, it seems that there will be no more. That way, you will not get extra speed from this car. You can still enjoy comfort while driving with other passengers with the latest version of this car.

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2022 Ford Transit Connect will also experience changes in its features. Apparently, Ford designed this SUV to improve performance and also adjust the needs of teenagers. Even Transit Connect has a special program to assess, track areas, and idle time. Sync 3 on the infotainment process of this car will continue to be improved.

That way, you will have no trouble using technology. In addition, there are other additional features such as Google Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. This feature is supported by a 6.5-inch touch screen that allows you to crunch and swipe like a telephone.

Transit Connect Wagon capacity usually can only accommodate as many as 5 to 7 people. Transit Connect in 2022 will use a type of titanium that can accommodate up to 8 people. In addition, this car will also have a longer wheelbase on each wheelbase.

Another feature of this SUV is that there are several updates on each variation. Examples include the custom-made carrier that can design and also the back-body model. With these latest features, of course, you will get exceptional comfort.

2022 Ford Transit Connect Redesign Exterior

The next change from Transit Connect is on the exterior design. This SUV has a crossover posture so that it will make it higher even though it does not use an all-wheel drive. With this design, it will make this car much more attractive because it can break the subject of contemporary boring minivans.

In addition, you will see the appearance of this SUV like a car that uses a front-end. This car body design is box-shaped to provide more space. In addition, Transit Connect also has a very long wheelbase type which is 189.7 in and a short wheelbase of 173.1 inches.

There is the choice of rear door variations and you can take a 48-inch pallet with 180 qualifications. In addition, this SUV changes the look of the special grille into a heptagonal grip. Of course, the grating will work together with the EcoBoost motor to produce a more significant cooling.

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2022 Ford Transit Connect van Black Concept Design

After that, Transit Connect has an optional Xenon headlamp so you can direct it to your liking. In addition, Transit Connect allows you to have an alternative in the presence of a moving door. Of course, this will add to the advantages of this car to provide convenience and flexibility for you and your passengers.

2022 Ford Transit Connect Interior

After the exterior design, the 2022 Ford Transit Connect will also make changes to its interior design. Transit Connect has a lightweight, car cabin, and Fiesta subcompact. In addition, this car has many control buttons on the dashboard, although still contemporary.

But the dashboard is very fitting for you to use for professional needs and more efficient. The wagon variations this car uses from the rear end show beautiful facial lines. Therefore, Transit Connect also has a goal to entertain users while driving the car.

Similar to the exterior design, the cabin of this car also presents the impression of a crossover SUV. This car has 5 seats with 2 standard rows supported by a simple wheelbase. For the third row, this car uses an extended version of the wheelbase. In addition, the chair that Transit Connect uses can be moved easily as it is flipped, carried out, and collapsed.

That way, the seats in this car are very flexible and allow you to carry large loads. The recommendation from XLT is to use taut titanium in one set of captain’s seats in the next row. In addition, there are two car seats on the front for cargo models.

2022 Ford Transit Connect Release Date & Price

If you want to own this car then you have to wait for this car to appear on the market. Maybe you have to be patient, wait until 2022 to get it. Not yet certain when this car will be released because Ford is still trying to improve the quality and quality of this Transit Connect. Until now Ford has not issued a statement regarding the date release of this car.

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Ford Transit Connect apparently has 3 types of variants, each of which is made specifically according to the needs of its consumers. Of course, each variant will have a different price according to the features and advantages. Even so, all types of Transit Connect have a good quality it’s just that each variant has quite different features.

Ford Transit Connect with the type of XL has a price range of $28,315. As for the type of XLT they will sell at a price range of $29,050. And the type of titanium will be the most expensive type of car with a price range of $32,165. These prices can change according to the conditions and situation in 2022.


That was information about the 2022 Ford Transit Connect SUV. It seems that this car will be a car with a special design and the number is quite limited. You must always be vigilant to find other information about this car if you want to have it.