2023 Ford Fusion Active: Everything We Know So Far

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2023 Ford Fusion Active: Everything We Know So Far. When it comes to cars, Ford is sure a company that comes with its high-quality machine and design. They developed many products throughout the year from SUV sports cars to hybrid cars. This year, they are combining two of many people’s favorite, the SUV and sedan, in the 2023 Ford Fusion Active.

2023 Ford Fusion Active Pictures

Yes, Ford is slapping the two designs together and making a vehicle that can get both segments in the market. The car will be replacing the Ford Fusion Sedan, therefore, the name is after it. Overall, the car will look like a station wagon as it is longer than normal SUV cars.

For the target, it is aiming for young users to family needs. With the design like a sedan, the company is hoping it will fit into the youth’s tastes. Because it is bigger than the sedan, the car can also be for family use. When the car hits the market, it will be a new rival for the Subaru Outback and the Regal TourX. So, what are the updates on this new car?

2023 Ford Fusion Active Concept: Exterior Design of the New Wagon

There isn’t much detail from Ford about the detail of the car. From the pictures, released people can see clearly that this car is a combination of sedan and SUV cars. It is a combination between Ford Fusion and the SUV cars Ford has been releasing.

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2023 Ford Fusion Active Specs

People can see that the length of the car is long, whereas the height is short like a sedan car. The front part has an oval shape and details just like the Ford Fusion. As for the back part, it is more likely an SUV car with a flat short trunk.

As for the color and exterior design, the Ford Fusion Active is more classy and simple looking compared to SUV cars. Usually, SUV Ford cars are made with bold designs making it look firm and cool. However, for this wagon car is more simple and soft like the Ford Fusion.

2023 Ford Fusion Active Spy Photos

With this combination of design, a wagon car is a great option for both the city and family car. It is also suitable for man and woman as its design is simple and classy. It might not be the best car for a far long adventure into the forest or mountain.

Details & Comfort of the Inside

The Fusion’s active interior is still a mystery, however from the exterior people can see it will be spacey. It will be wide for the passenger’s seat and in the cargo behind. It is likely the car is suitable for a trip around or between cities. Looking at the design, people are seeing that the interior will almost be the same as the Mustang Crossover.

All we know that the inside will have high-technology making the car a high-tech car. Like the newest Ford cars, people say that it will also come with fewer buttons. So, don’t get panic if you see nothing inside the car and only a screen to control the media inside the car.

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Engines of the New Active

There isn’t any official news about the machine that will be used inside this wagon car. However, some reports say that the 2.0 Liter EcoBoost will be used inside the car. This machine can send power to all wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission, giving it great speed and power.

A plug-in hybrid like in the Fusion may also be in the new Active car. If this is right, then the new Ford Fusion Active will be a friendly and low fuel car. But remember, this is not yet official, so we will have to wait for the newest update on the engines.

Features & Connectivity

Another great thing that will be coming inside the 2023 Ford Fusion Active is the high technology. The latest version of the Sync infotainment system should be inside this new car. With this technology, people can sync their Apple or Android system into the car.

The Ford Active will also likely be coming with built-in navigation which will help people on the road. Without having to type in the place, people can say the place and the map will help navigate. This is an upgraded version of the navigation map inside Ford’s car.

As for the connectivity, there may be a Wi-Fi hotspot, where people can have internet where ever they are. This will also support people to browse and maximize the use of apps in the car. It will surely be a high-tech car compared to other rivals.

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The 2023 Active hasn’t been in a crash test yet and there is no result from IIHS yet. All these years Ford is known as a company that is concerned with its safety. Therefore, possibly the Active car will be coming with Ford’s standard safety features such as emergency braking, blind monitoring, etc.

2023 Ford Fusion Active Release & Price

Because everything is still uncertain, there is no certain price about the New Ford Fusion Active. With some of the information release, the car will be available for around $30,000– $40,000. And it will be available in the dealers in late 2023, so, people will have to be a bit patient to see how this car is.

There isn’t much information yet to conclude whether the 2023 Ford Fusion Active car is worth to buy or not. However, just from the design, the car is quite good for a family car. It might not be the best city car, but it is great for those who want a big city car.