2022 Ford Thunderbird Comeback: Anything We Know So Far

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2022 Ford Thunderbird Comeback: Anything We Know So Far. Carmakers like to bring back their iconic nameplates. It has become a very popular move over the years. The upcoming 2022 Ford Thunderbird is one such a model. It is perhaps one of the finest examples. Older generations surely remember this two-seat convertible. Thunderbird was in the production for over half a century.

2022 Ford Thunderbird Wallpaper

We’ve seen numerous variants during that time. Now, Ford plans to revive its iconic model. New-gen Thunderbird will surely arrive with luxury and great performances. Latest reports suggest for Thunderbird to borrow plenty of stuff from the Ford Mustang. That includes both the interior design and possibly an engine.

2022 Thunderbird Exterior Redesign

In today’s world, good performances are a must. That is especially applied to the luxury models and 2022 Ford Thunderbird will be one of the luxury vehicles. Besides performances, attractive design is equally important. Nobody wants to deal with an ugly car. Ford is well aware and it will try to draw some cues from its iconic Mustang model.

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Knowing that Thunderbird will get Mustang’s platform, numerous styling cues and possibly some of the exterior features. We still don’t know how the new model could look like. However, aggressive styling, two-door configuration, and impressive design are a must. We could say the all-new segment is growing, a personal luxury car. Thanks to that, Thunderbird won’t be such an affordable model.

2022 Ford Thunderbird Powertrain

Engine Rumors

Another category that will connect Thunderbird with Mustang is the performance. According to the latest reports, the 2022 Ford Thunderbird will share underpinnings with Mustang. Thanks to that, borrowing Mustang’s powertrain is the most likely outcome. A 5.0-liter Coyote is a perfect candidate. It produces 395 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. The Blue Oval will surely offer a lighter unit with better fuel efficiency.

A reliable 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost is a reasonable choice. This engine is good for 310 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. A 2.7-liter V6 is another option that is available in numerous different outputs. The most powerful output is rated at 325 horses and 380 lb-ft of twist. An eight-speed automatic gearbox is almost certain.

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2022 Ford Thunderbird Spy Photos

Interior Features

Interior will also get a Mustang-like design. The forthcoming 2022 Ford Thunderbird will get numerous traditional Ford’s characteristics. The interior will be very luxurious. You can expect a lot of high-quality materials and perfect styling. There will be a room for two passengers only and soft roof will be in the offer. The hard-roof top is another possibility.

That, Thunderbird will get a lot of standard equipment. Touchscreens, digital gauges, and other tech goodies will surely be offered as standard. We still hope for some old-school stuff that would add more stylish appearance from the inside. The instrument cluster could be similar to the one in the previous-gen Thunderbird.

2022 Ford Thunderbird Price and Release Date

Numerous reports are predicting for the 2022 Ford Thunderbird to arrive later next year. A huge comeback is full of speculations, so late 2020 could be an unrealistic date in our opinion. Whatsoever, we can’t wait for Thunderbird to hit the roads once again.

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Pricing details are not available, of course. On top of that, no one can predict the pricing range. Some speculations are saying the price will start at $40,000. Some other rumors are predicting the price of over $50,000. Let’s just wait for the official statement from the Blue Oval carmaker.